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COVID-19 Resources

State Request for PPE Supplies

Volunteer Screening Questions for Agencies

Agency Dashboard

Do you want to see how your program has grown in terms of food distribution and people reached? Ever wonder what we do with the statistics that you submit every month? Need some data for a grant application? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you should check out the Agency Dashboard. This is a great resource that can give you numbers and show you visual representations of the growth of your programs. Need your log in information? Contact

Agency Dashboard

Client–Centered Program Pledge

This definition was designed by Food Bank member agencies through our Client-Centered discussion series in the Spring of 2016.

Signing on to the “client-centered” pledge is voluntary and non-binding. Your signature does, however, represent an endorsement of these “guiding principles,” with the understanding that your program will continually strive toward a more client-centered orientation in your operations.

The Food Bank stands ready to support you in this pursuit by providing whatever resources and guidance we can to help you achieve your client–centered goals. You can find more resources to help your program be more client-centered on our Training Resources page.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Agency Relations team at

Client–Centered Program Pledge


Program Update form
Submit changes to your program hours, contact information, shoppers, etc.

Stats Instructions (Emergency Food Program)

Stats Instructions (Emergency Food Program) Spanish

Stats Instructions (Non-Emergency Food Program)

Stats Instructions (Non-Emergency Food Program) Spanish

Oasis Insight
Oasis Insight is a Food Bank sponsored, online client-tracking database for member programs. For more information, contact


Order Food

Delivery Application
Apply for monthly or weekly delivery (Emergency Programs only).

Online Ordering Guide

Ordering Deadlines


Basic Membership Agreement (Updated FY22)

Unexpected Closures Policy

Communications Guidelines FY22

Food Safety Regulations
Food Safety Policies, including training & certification, transport of perishable food, and repackaging food.

Disaster Plans

Agency Basic Disaster Plan (Word template)

Agency Basic Disaster Plan hard copy (PDF)

El Plan Básico de Desastres de la Agencia (Word template)

Shelter Basic Disaster Plan (Word template)

Recall Information

FDA Recalls

USDA Recalls


USDA/TEFAP Policies & Regulations

MEFAP/USDA Distribution Policies & Case Limits

USDA/TEFAP Pantry Sign-In Sheet

All pantries using USDA/TEFAP foods must have clients sign this form declaring their eligibility at each distribution.

USDA/TEFAP Monthly Inventory Reconciliation Form
All programs receiving USDA/TEFAP foods must conduct monthly or annual inventories of USDA/TEFAP products.

USDA/TEFAP Annual Inventory Reconciliation Form
All programs receiving USDA/TEFAP foods must conduct monthly or annual inventories of USDA/TEFAP products.

USDA Eligibility Declaration Form

Volunteer Referrals

We know that many programs struggle with finding volunteers, so starting in FY20, The Food Bank will be offering a way of referring volunteers to your programs. To participate, fill out this online form indicating how many volunteers you need, what they will be doing, any restrictions (age restrictions, etc.) and your contact information:

Online Volunteer Referral Form

Volunteer & Community Engagement Coordinator will post your position in our weekly volunteer newsletter. This newsletter goes out to over 1500 people across Western Massachusetts. For more information on this system, please look at the “How it Works” document. If you have any questions email Amanda Reynolds.

Here’s How it Works

If you have any additional questions, contact Amanda Reynolds.

Additional Resources

Feeding America

Food Research and Action Center

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Food Assistance Research

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Poverty & Inequality Research

Summer Meal Sites for Kids

Decoding Expiration Dates