Use the Food Bank Agency Locator to Find Help in Your Community

Please check our find a food pantry or free meal web page for updated information about where to access emergency food in western Massachusetts.

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts distributes a variety of food to our member agencies throughout western Massachusetts, which consist of food pantries, meal sites, shelters, childcare centers, and other food assistance programs. These agencies serve as front-line providers of food assistance, providing emergency food directly to our neighbors in need. Use the locator tool below to locate a program near you.


      How to Use the Food Bank Agency Locator

      To use enter a zip code, city or town name, or full street address as your location. Please note that most programs have limitations on the geographic area they serve. If you live in a different area than the program you plan to visit, it is best to call ahead for more information. Search results are displayed by distance from the location entered. You may need to increase the number of locations displayed in order to find multiple sites within a given zip code.

      Please note: Food pantries and community meal programs both assist families and individuals that are in need of food assistance at no cost. A food pantry provides groceries to prepare at home. A community meal program serves meals in a communal setting.

      Our Member Agencies

      The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts works closely with our network of member agencies:

      Berkshire County

      Franklin County

      Hampden County

      Hampshire County

      Holyoke Agencies

      Springfield Agencies