SNAP is the largest domestic nutrition assistance program and the nation’s first line of defense against hunger. It helps put food on the table for millions of low income families and individuals every month.


It is a vital supplement to the monthly food budget of more than 47 million low-income individuals across the country.

  • 45% of SNAP recipients are children
  • 9% of SNAP recipients are elderly
  • Only 8% of recipients receive cash welfare
  • More than 40% of all recipients live in households with earnings

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As of May 2015, 45,495,380 people received SNAP benefits, with an average household benefit of $256.


As of March 2015, 82,931 households in Western Mass. were enrolled in SNAP, with a total of 152,091 individuals.

The average household benefit for a household in Western Mass. was $200.


The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) provides 1 in 8 Massachusetts residents with food and nutritional assistance, cash assistance and employment supports (according to their website).

As of May 2015, 442,697 households were enrolled in SNAP.