Volunteer Orientations of 2014!

• Tuesday, December 9th @ 6pm

Volunteers are a crucial part of The Food Bank’s work. If you are energetic, reliable, caring, and cooperative, please consider joining our volunteer group!

Questions should be directed to Erin Sullivan, Volunteer Coordinator, at (413) 247-9738 x128 or sullivane@foodbankwma.org.

Local farms’ contributions help cultivate our mission

We are fortunate to live in such a special part of the country, allowing for the growth and harvest of a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables. As this harvest season comes to an end, we have received more than 266,800 pounds of fresh produce — including potatoes, lettuce, carrots, apples and squash — donated by local farms this year (Oct. 1, 2013 – Sept. 30, 2014).

10 Largest Food Donations From Farms This Year

58,478 lbs. Atlas Farms
39,176 lbs. Cheney Orchard
31,150 lbs. Maple Row Farm
27,800 lbs. Szawlowski Potato Farms Inc.
23,144 lbs. Plainville Farm
16,403 lbs. Cold Springs Orchard
15,561 lbs. Riverland Farm
12,161 lbs. Red Fire Farm
10,425 lbs. Ciesluk Farm Stand
6,700 lbs. Wysocki Farm

Much of the food donated by farms is produce that is cosmetically imperfect, yet is perfectly fine to eat. It may be either too large or too small for what supermarkets are looking to stock their shelves with. Farmers would typically throw these items away, or use them as cow feed.

The contributions of fresh produce help serve many populations that may not otherwise have access. In the past year, our Mobile Food Bank has distributed more than 289,000 pounds of fresh produce to more than 17,100 households in Western Massachusetts. Our Brown Bag program has distributed more than 114,000 pounds to seniors receiving a free bag of groceries once a month.

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