We are stronger together

By Andrew Morehouse
Executive Director at The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

Each September, I ride 100 miles through the scenic Pioneer Valley as part of The Food Bank’s annual Will Bike 4 Food charity cycling event. It’s a challenge that I look forward to each year because it’s an honor to be part of an amazing community of people coming together to help our neighbors in need struggling to get enough healthy food.

Sponsor Andrew's 100 mile WB4F ride to support The Food Bank by wisiting http://andrew.willbike4food.org..

Sponsor Andrew’s 100 mile WB4F ride to support The Food Bank by visiting his fundraising page.








When I began training for my first 100 mile ride in 2014, a fellow cycling friend, with much more experience, gave me some wonderful advice. He told me “when you feel like you can’t go on, find another cyclist and let them help you.” There’s a reason that cycling competitions are a team sport: these athletes constantly work together, one taking a spot in the front, breaking the air, which allows the team to follow behind in the leader’s wake. It’s an unspoken code that when a struggling rider comes in behind you, the leading rider will help out. And, once the struggling riders have caught their breath, they will take their turn in the front, and help out the person who just gave them a break.

Isn’t this a wonderful metaphor for our work at The Food Bank? Everyone needs someone to give them a break now and again. When you’re struggling and just can’t seem to catch up, sometimes all it takes is for someone to take a turn leading the way to help you get by.

This year, I won’t be riding the 100 mile course on the day of Will Bike 4 Food. Instead, I will be riding it on Thursday, September 1 to kickoff national Hunger Action Month. Not only will this help raise awareness of food insecurity in our region, but with your support, we will also provide healthy food to those that need it most. My goal is to raise $10,000 (the equivalent of 30,000 meals). But to reach that goal, I need your help.

I’m asking you to join me in giving respite to people in our community who are trying as hard as they can to get by, but who nevertheless are falling behind. I’m asking you to take a spot in the front of the pack and help The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts give them the food relief they need to pull themselves forward.

You can sponsor me and help me reach my fundraising goal by visiting my WB4F fundraising page.

Thank you so much for considering this special request as we approach national Hunger Action Month.