Statement on insurgence in US capitol from The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts



Wednesday was a shameful day in the United States of America. Millions of individuals are unemployed largely because of the pandemic, and many have fallen critically ill and have lost loved ones. Also at an all-time high is food insecurity – not having enough healthy food to eat—and hunger—not having anything to eat.

Despite these historic challenges gripping our country, the insurrection on Capitol Hill took over the day and threatened our very democracy.

This week’s events laid bare a long history of racism in the United States. As an anti-hunger organization, we know systemic racism is a powerful underlying cause of food insecurity and hunger. As a nation, we will never end hunger until we end systemic racism. We also know we cannot solve these deeply rooted conditions alone. Lasting solutions will take root only when we unite as a society with the will to forge them. At The Food Bank, we are searching for new ways to listen to and learn from our community. We look forward to continuing this work until everyone has the nutritious food they need to live a healthy and productive life. We’re up for the challenge.

In partnership,

Andrew Morehouse | Executive Director
Nancy Robinson | Senior Director of Operations
Shirley Del Rio | Director of Food Operations
Christina Maxwell | Director of Programs
Jacob Hough | Director of Finance
Carolyn Sailer | Human Resources Manager