Dr. Vincent Biggs (right) and Ana Jaramillo of Holyoke Health Center discuss their partnership with The Food Bank at a recent press conference.

On March 3, 2017, The Food Bank’s Task Force to End Hunger announced it’s action plan, which was developed over the past year of monthly meetings and community forums. Three priority areas have been identified by the Task Force, which they believe will move the needle toward ending hunger in western Massachusetts:

  1. Erase the stigma associated with hunger,
  2. Develop a mechanism to provide integrated services for those who need them, and
  3. Address issues related to public policy.

Led by The Food Bank, the first step in the implementation of this new action plan will begin this spring, in partnership with Holyoke Health Center. Care providers will screen pediatric patients and their families for food insecurity at the health center. If determined to be food insecure, their doctor will refer them to The Food Bank, where they will be connected with the necessary resources.

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For additional information, contact Nancy Robinson at 413-247-9738 ext. #147.

About the Task Force to End Hunger

In January 2016, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts took a big step towards real change, as we launched the Task Force to End Hunger. Developed as part of The Food Bank’s strategic plan, the Task Force brought together a group of thought leaders from all four counties of Western Massachusetts, representing diverse sectors of the community. Policy makers, business leaders, education professionals, health care administrators and religious leaders engaged in serious discussions about hunger, its causes and strategies to find solutions.

Over the course of the past year, the Task Force met regularly to develop a bold yet pragmatic plan of action to end hunger in our region. The Task Force also hosted a series of community forums (one in each of the counties of Western Massachusetts) to gather input from the community. By leveraging the energy and resources of committed organizations and community members, the Task Force has begun to create ideas and recommendations that will serve as a road map to bring about substantial change.