Just like water and shelter, we need nutritious food to live, grow and flourish. Healthy food gives the mind and body the nutrients they need to reach their highest potential. When individuals and families are strengthened by good food, so too, is our community.

How well we provide sustenance for the most vulnerable in our society reflects our values as a culture. Since 1982, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts has invested the community’s support in our mission to feed our neighbors in need and lead the community to end hunger. After nearly 40 years of resourceful and innovative community leadership, we continue to redefine the concept of healthy food access for neighbors in need in an ever-changing economic landscape. We provide nourishing food to more than 70,000 individuals at risk of hunger every month indirectly through 171 local food pantries and meal sites, and directly through our Mobile Food Bank and Brown Bag: Food for Elders sites at senior centers.

Here’s a real example of our impact:

Deirdre struggles to find food appropriate for the dietary needs of her autistic son, Joey. “I’d spent many days going to sleep with an empty stomach, making sure he had all the food in the house,” she recalls. “I don’t know what we’d have done without the food from the pantry.”

You are our most valuable resource. The Food Bank’s impact is a direct result of the participation and generosity of people who recognize that everyone deserves to live without hunger.
Please join us this holiday season by making a gift that can change someone’s life.