Monte’s March IX: “It takes a village to raise a village”

Chia Collins is a dedicated participant and supporter of Monte’s March, the two-day walk to end hunger. Year-after-year, she has been one of the top fundraisers for the event. Here, Chia shares her personal story of childhood food insecurity and explains why taking part in Monte’s March is so important to her. She also explains why others should support the cause by donating to this campaign to help end hunger.

Monte’s March is spearheaded by WRSI – the River’s Monte Belmonte and is in its ninth year of fundraising. Over the course of two days, Monte and a committed group of marchers, including Chia Collins and Congressman Jim McGovern, will walk 43 miles from Springfield to Greenfield to support food-insecure neighbors. The public can join the cause by generously donating online today or by calling 1-888-323-HOPE on November 19 & 20 as Monte is broadcasting live during the march. All proceeds will benefit The Food Bank and food-insecure households in the region.