Online ordering trainings

All agencies must attend an online ordering training, which are offered at The Food Bank the first Friday of every month at 11 a.m.  Registration for the training is required. Once you have attended training, you will receive a user name and password to access the online ordering system. For more information, email agency relations or call 413-247-9738.

Online ordering deadlines

While the online ordering system is generally open on evenings/weekends, warehouse staff members work traditional business days. All orders must allow one full business day prior to pickup/delivery day for review and order preparation.

View deadlines for online order submission FY22.

Buy-in Program

The Food Bank understands that we’re not the only source of food for you and your clients. That is why we’re striving to provide the best price possible on as much food as possible. Our Buy-In program allows us to source food that our agencies typically purchase elsewhere, and provide them to you at a lower cost than other sources.

Ordering Buy-In food is easy. There are no additional membership fees to pay. Just add the products to your shopping cart when placing your order online.


There are a number of benefits to purchase through the Buy-In program:

  • Conveniently order the foods you want at the best prices, without the need to shop around at several other stores;
  • You have 30 days to pay for your Buy-In purchase;
  • The more participating agencies in the program, the more buying power The Food Bank has to negotiate a better price;
  • Purchased items can be picked-up or delivered with your regular Food Bank order; and
  • Paper products are also available through our partner, Mansfield Paper. They will deliver your paper products directly.


For more information about our Buy-In program, contact Shirley DelRio at (413) 203-6293, or email

Mansfield Paper Program

Mansfield Paper, located in West Springfield, is the oldest and largest distributor of food service disposables, packaging supplies, maintenance and janitorial items, and other related products in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.

Through a special partnership with The Food Bank, nearly one hundred of their products are available to our member agencies at an exclusive discounted rate, including:

  • Paper products
  • Hand soap
  • Baby wipes
  • Dish detergents
  • Bags & containers
  • Cutlery & utensils
  • Aluminum foil
  • Much more


Your items will be delivered:

  • directly to your agency
  • within two days
  • with no delivery charge

How it works

Member agencies can contact The Food Bank to be enrolled in the program. Once you’ve been signed-up, you can begin placing your orders directly with Mansfield Paper. You must be a member agency of The Food Bank to receive the exclusive discount.

Get started

To sign-up, or to learn more, call Brandie Taggart at The Food Bank at (413) 203-4798, or e-mail