Highlighting variety this National Nutrition Month

This March, in celebration of National Nutrition Month, The Food Bank is putting a spotlight on the importance of developing healthy eating habits. We are committed to providing a diverse assortment of nutritious food, from fresh local fruits and vegetables, to staples such as beans and rice. Our dedicated Nutrition department works with community partners to provide the nutrition education necessary to prepare healthy meals on any budget.

Nutrition Coordinator Mary and volunteer Liza lead food sampling at the Northampton Council on Aging

Nutrition Coordinator Mary and volunteer Liza lead a food sampling at the Northampton Council on Aging

Throughout the year, we offer many nutrition education opportunities addressing the connection between food and health, and provide a variety of approaches aimed at helping people develop better eating and shopping habits, including:

  • leading free workshops designed to make learning how to eat healthy easy;
  • creating nutritious recipes featuring food that we distribute;
  • providing recipes that only require a microwave (for those who find themselves without access to a kitchen);
  • healthy cooking demonstrations
  • grocery store tours;
  • and more.


You can join us for any of these programs scheduled throughout Western Massachusetts.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s recently updated Dietary Guidelines places extra emphasis on the importance of eating a variety of foods. A key focus are the five nutrients which most people do not eat enough of — potassium, calcium, vitamin D, fiber, and iron. Throughout National Nutrition Month we will examine why each of these nutrients are important, highlight their best sources, and share recipes that make it easy to ensure you are getting the proper amount. With these resources you will have the tools to make these nutrients a priority in a varied diet and improve your health.

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