The success of Will Bike 4 Food wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing support of dedicated volunteers like you! From the weeks leading up to the event, right down to all the activities throughout the day, volunteers are what make WB4F happen run smoothly and add to the friendly atmosphere. Everyone of all ages can help make Will Bike 4 Food a memorable and successful event.  

If you would like to make a difference to a family in need in Western Massachusetts and have the time to give and enthusiasm to share, then volunteering is the perfect opportunity. Each shift averages 4 hours. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Pre-Event Help

Shifts range from 1 hour – 3 hours

  • Hang up posters/flyers and put out yard signs
  • Food prep the day before the ride (9/24)
  • T-Shirt Organization – fold t-shirts and organize by size
  • Setup – help put up tables, chairs, signage, and directional arrows 

At The Event

Shifts range from 1 hour – 3 hours

Sweep Riders (8) – experiencedroad cyclists needed to stay at the back of the pack to make sure everyone gets through okay, and alerts water stops that all cyclists have gone by. Will carry some emergency gear. GPS recommended, but not required. Cell phone required to contact route patrol & 911 if needed. Will help take down route arrows. 

Sweep Vehicles (4) – will remain at the back of each route, alerting water stops that all cyclists have gone by their location. Additionally responsible for taking down signage once it is confirmed that no cyclists are behind them. Requires good physical fitness for frequent stops, getting out of car, walking short to medium length distances, and crossing intersections safely. 

Parkers (8) – volunteers will work in pairs to direct vehicles to the proper parking locations. Once inside, additional volunteers will monitor parking to ensure for maximum efficiency. Must be comfortable giving directions and being firm with people who are not following directions. 

Water Stop Restock Vehicles (2 vehicles) – ideally looking for van or SUV that can carry extra supplies for water stops, including coolers of ice and jugs of water. Will be responsible for checking in and stopping at all locations along assigned route(s). 

Start/Finish Line Cheering – perfect for energetic groups, looking for minimum of 15 people to cheer cyclists as each ride leaves & upon their return. Cyclists comment most on the amount of encouragement and cheerleading they receive so this is a very important job. 

After Party Ticket Sales/ ID Checkers (3) – adult volunteers needed to check IDs and verify cyclists are 21+ before giving them their tickets for free beer. Of age cyclists will receive a wristband. Cyclists may not get tickets for other riders. Will also collect money for any additional After Party tickets sold.  

Course Marshals (2) – stationed at various spots along the route to alert cyclists of any hazardous sections, make cars aware of cyclists on the road, and ensure everyone completes the route safely. Will stay in close contact with sweep riders throughout. 

Registration Table (6) – greet and sign-in cyclists who have pre-registered or are signing up the day of the event. Responsible for accurately tracking attendees, distributing/recording bib numbers, collecting waivers, and providing cue sheets/route updates. 

Breakfast & Snack Service (2) – prep and set up breakfast, including bagels, coffee and fruit for the earliest arriving cyclists. Will also be responsible for maintaining snack & drink levels throughout first half of the event, making sure to keep area clean and clear of trash. Must be able to carry at least 30lbs. 

Afternoon Food Service (2) – responsible for monitoring and refilling drink containers, and also maintaining snack levels throughout the second half of the event. Make sure to keep area clean and clear of trash. Must be able to carry at least 30lbs. 

End-of-Ride Check-In (3) – greet cyclists upon return, making sure to mark them as having completed the route. At this time, you will provide them with the size t-shirt as indicated on the spreadsheet and direct them to the table for food & drink tickets to the after-party. Cyclists may not change their shirt size. 

Route Patrol (12) – drive assigned route with repair gear and extra snacks, ensuring cyclists are safe, able to continue, and know where they’re going. Must have room in vehicle for up to 2 cyclists, plus bikes, in the event of an emergency. Must have a working cell phone to contact designated Food Bank staff, other volunteers, and/or 911 as needed. Each vehicle must have driver and navigator. Some vehicles will be asked to take a Radio Operator along as well. 

Water Stop Volunteers (70) – Ideal for groups of 4 or more. Great team building opportunity for corporate groups, teams, students, girl scout/boy scout groups, and more. Volunteer groups will be placed at one of the many water stop locations along the route. Responsibilities include handing out water and snacks, ensuring cyclists needs are met, and cheering on participants – noise makers, music, posters, costumes, and decorations are very encouraged!! 

Break Down Event – Pack up and unload event equipment at warehouse following event. Take down arrows along the routes. 

For more info, or to sign up for a shift, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Alex Santiago, at, at alexs@foodbankwma.org.