Fundraising Guide

Expand your fundraising efforts for Will Bike 4 Food. This brief how-to guide provides useful tips on how to raise money for your ride.

Will Bike 4 Food Fundraising Guide, 2017

Fundraising Minimums

Over 18 Fundraising minimum: $175 if registered before August 31st. $250 per person if registered in September.

18 & Under Fundraising minimum (on their own bike): $50

Young children riding on the back of an adult bike, or being pulled behind, have no fundraising minimum. However, the $35 registration fee for each child is still required.

You will have until October 31, 2017 to reach (or exceed) your fundraising minimum. If you do not meet the fundraising minimum by October 31, you will be billed for the remaining balance.

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Prizes and Awards

Individual Prizes

Raising money for WB4F will allow you to win some fantastic prizes*:

  • $250 — Official WB4F t-shirt
  • $1,000 — WB4F cycling jersey

Team Awards

Top fund raisers in the following categories will receive recognition:

  • Top Corporate Team
  • Top Individual

*To qualify for prizes, all donations must be into The Food Bank before 5pm on September 24, 2016. Prize levels are based on individual fundraising (not team), and will be awarded on an individual basis. Once ordered, prizes cannot be exchanged for different sizes.

Fundraising Tips

Not sure how to get started fundraising? Check out these helpful tips for a few ideas:

  • Day 1 – Start by sponsoring yourself for $50
  • Day 2 – Ask two family members to sponsor you for $50
  • Day 3 – Ask 10 friends to each contribute $20
  • Day 4 – Ask 5 co-workers to each contribute $20
  • Day 5 – Ask 5 neighbors to each contribute $20
  • Day 6 – Ask 10 people from your place of worship to contribute $10 each
  • Day 7 – Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 (or, find out if your company will match what you raise)
  • Day 8 – Ask 5 businesses that your company works with to sponsor you for $40 each
  • Day 9 – Ask four businesses you frequent to contribute $25 each