The Food Bank is commemorating its 40th year partnering with the Western Massachusetts community to provide healthy food and address long term solutions to food insecurity in the region.

Throughout the year, information about special events and The Food Bank’s history will be added here as well as on our social media platforms. Please check back soon!

In the meantime, this gallery is a visual snapshot of The Food Bank’s physical history, with highlights from its time on East Street in Hadley, the dedication of the Hatfield warehouse, and the various renovations the Hatfield location has undergone as storage needs expanded.

  • Photo, black and white: Two men pass boxes from an open warehouse door to the trunk of a car.
  • Photo, black and white: A young woman with large glasses places cans on a wooden shelving unit.
  • Photo, black and white: An event to dedicate the new Hatfield warehouse - a crowd sits seated in a large open interior space.
  • Image, color: The exterior of the Hatfield facility - a large rectangular blue building.
  • Image, color: A woman drives a forklift, lifting a set of produce boxes in front of warehouse garage doors.
  • Photo, color: Construction of the addition to the Hatfield facility. A large crane lifts metal framing into place.