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Community Outreach

SNAP Outreach | Springfield Food Policy Council | Advocacy

Part of The Food Bank’s core mission is to lead communities toward long-term solutions to the problems that cause hunger.  Doing so requires systemic change brought about by concerned citizens who live and work in those communities.

  • ♦ The Food Bank’s SNAP Outreach works with food insecure individuals and families to determine if they are eligible for SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) assistance.  This resource is underutilized in Massachusetts, and can be used to buy healthy and affordable foods.
  • ♦ The Springfield Food Policy Council oversees the coordination of public and private efforts to improve access to nutritious, affordable, fresh, and safe foods for all residents of Springfield. To the greatest extent possible, this Council advocates for policies and resources that promote and strengthen the local and regional food systems for the City of Springfield by investing in local resources and solutions. Read more about the Springfield Food Policy Council.
  • ♦ By working together we can eliminate hunger in our communities.  The Food Bank’s Advocacy outreach brings community members and legislators together to argue for fair and just food policy, at the city, state, and national levels.