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Non-Discrimination Policies


Advocacy matters! Together we can eliminate hunger in our communities. Did you know that each time a legislator hears from a constituent, they count it as representing much more than that one person’s opinion? The numbers below show just how much of a difference you can make by sending an email, writing a letter, or placing a call:

  • 1 e-mail represents 100 people
  • 1 letter represents 500 people
  • 1 phone call represents 500 people
  • 1 visit represents 1000 people

Check our State Policy Updates and Federal Policy Updates pages for information about current legislation related to The Food Bank’s work.

Watch our tutorial video on placing a call to your representative and make an impact on real food policy:

When to contact your representatives

Be vocal on current anti-hunger and pro-nutrition legislation!¬†When The Food Bank needs your support for particular legislation up for consideration, we will sent Action Alert emails with all the tools you’ll need:

Sign Up for Advocacy Updates

You can also check our State Policy Updates and Federal Policy Updates pages for updates.

How to find your state and federal representatives

You CAN make a difference by urging government officials to support policies that will help reduce hunger and increase food security in our communities.

For information about state and federal officials, visit You can also call your legislators at the State House at 617-722-2000.