The Springfield SOUPer Bowl

Springfield Souper Bowl LogoThe Springfield Souper Bowl is a competition open to all 5th grade classes in Springfield Public Schools. Schools hold a food drive to benefit The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts during the week of the Super Bowl, and are challenged to compete with each other to collect the most pounds per student. The Springfield Souper Bowl is designed to motivate Springfield students to make a difference in the lives of those around them and become active members in their communities, as well as show students the value of volunteering and the power that working together can have. The winning school will be presented with a trophy from The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, and invited to a special celebration at the end of the school year to recognize the student’s hard work and dedication to the fight against hunger. Click to see the final standings chart!

Partcipating Schools:

Milton Bradley Elementary

Glenwood Elementary

Daniel B. Brunton Elementary

Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial

Sumner Avenue Elementary

Frank Freedman Elementary

Alice B. Beal Elementary

Washington Elementary

Mary O. Pottenger Elementary

White Street Elementary School

Glenwood Elementary

Indian Orchard Elementary

Rebecca M. Johnson Elementary

Alfred G. Zanetti Montessori School

Elias Brookings Elementary

Hiram L. Dorman Elementary

23.21 pounds per student

21.42 pounds per student

21.06 pounds per student

18.05 pounds per student

11.78 pounds per student

11.26 pounds per student

10.20 pounds per student

8.79 pounds per student

7.96 pounds per student

6.84 pounds per student

6.76 pounds per student

6.45 pounds per student

5.15 pounds per student

4.39 pounds per student

2.63 pounds per student

2.48 pounds per student

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